Customer Feedback:
"I received your products , I am very excited as I love the freshness and they smell gorgeous, I am drinking the tea as I sit here, very yummy."
Marietta Manson, St.Kilda. Vic

"My day spa recommended nipple butter for my burning nipples when pregnant, such relief, it was great".
J. Walls, New Farm, Qld.

"What relief you herbal tea gave after the birth of my baby, soaking in the bath was sheer heaven".
W. Clifford, Faulconbridge, NSW.

"Belly Bar was so handy whilst I was working to stop that itchy tummy and not worrying about anything spilling, great".
Sue Wilson - Croydon PArk. S.A.

" I was given Healing Balm as a gift when I had my baby and I am now finding that my scar is easily seen to be lighter with each passing week. Thank you!! Jenny Chapman - Ascot. W.A.




Natural Organic Products for Mums to Be

Made and packaged by hand with utmost care and commitment

Stretch Oil     

 200ml - $26.95


Keeping the skin elastic during the growth phase dramatically reduces the chance of stretch


Extra Rich Pregnancy  Body Lotion


 200ml -  $27.50


A beautiful cocktail of natural oils, butters, humectants working in perfect harmony to maintain elasticity, and keep dry and parched skin at bay.  



Wellness Tea



  60gm  -  $15.95


Soothes, calms tummy upset, and aids constipation




Belly Bar




  140g -$22.00


Great for working/travelling mums to be,  help prevent stretch marks                               and maintain skins elasticity, anti-itch, moisturises.



Organic Bath Herbs




  200gm - $26.95



Soothing organic herbs speeds healing, reduces swelling and bruising, aids hemorrhoids



Nipple Butter



 50gm  -  $23.00


Protects, moisturises, anti-itch/burning takes the stress  out of  nursing your little one.   It is exceptionally  soothing to  sensitive nipples and rapidly heals any  fissures or bruises.


Healing Balm C Section


 50gm  -  $23.00



Reduce  intensity of scars,  cesarean section and other  surgical wounds from  cosmetic  surgery, stretch marks and inflammed rashes and burns. Shield and protect scars and encourages healing. 



Elegant Gift Packs - 1 -8



 Shower her with love




       Bubble Bath/Wash   -    Rich Body Lotion

Body Double

:     $49.95


      Stretch Mark Oil  -  Rich Pregnancy  Body Lotion


Tummy Treats




Belly Bar  -      Stretch Oil

Who’s ya Mumma




  Bubble Bath/Wash  -  Stretch Oil   - Rich Body Lotion

New Mumma




         Organic Bath Herbs  -  Healing Balm - Nipple Butter

      Wellness Tea                  







     Bubble Bath/Wash - Stretch Oil -Nipple Butter         

     Organic Herbal Bath   -    Wellness Tea 

With Love





   Wellness Tea - Body Lotion -  Belly Bar  - Nipple Butter

     Bubble Bath/ Wash



Super mumma Pack








  BubbleBath/Wash  Body Lotion -  Stretch Mark Oil - Belly Bar  - Organic Bath Herbs - Nipple Butter - Healing Balm - Wellness Tea