Customer Feedback:
"I received your products , I am very excited as I love the freshness and they smell gorgeous, I am drinking the tea as I sit here, very yummy."
Marietta Manson, St.Kilda. Vic

"My day spa recommended nipple butter for my burning nipples when pregnant, such relief, it was great".
J. Walls, New Farm, Qld.

"What relief you herbal tea gave after the birth of my baby, soaking in the bath was sheer heaven".
W. Clifford, Faulconbridge, NSW.

"Belly Bar was so handy whilst I was working to stop that itchy tummy and not worrying about anything spilling, great".
Sue Wilson - Croydon PArk. S.A.

" I was given Healing Balm as a gift when I had my baby and I am now finding that my scar is easily seen to be lighter with each passing week. Thank you!! Jenny Chapman - Ascot. W.A.



Mumma-licious Products...


A beautiful cocktail of natural oils, butters, emollients and humectants working in perfect harmony to add that extra moisture to your skin. Added natural herbal extracts keep the skin elastic during the growth phase dramatically reduces the chance of stretch marks.

The tummy, breasts and hips will luxuriate in this blend of oils that will nourish and help encourage the skin’s natural elasticity.The natural perfume will not exacerbate morning sickness. 200ml/7fl.oz.

Smother yourself in this beautiful lotion to keep dry and parched skin at bay.




Keeping the nipples well protected and moisturised takes the stress out of nursing your little one. Softens and strengthens nipples at the same time. It is exceptionally soothing to sensitive nipples and rapidly heals any fissures or bruises.

Nipple butter is a rich, organic cream, made with a beautiful cocktail of natural plant butters, comfrey and healing calendula. Safe for both mother and baby, no need to remove before nursing. Use as often as needed. Aids sensitive, itchy and burning during pregnancy 50g/1.7fl.oz

Avoid: soap, perfume and powder on your nipples or breasts. Do not wash nipples with soap. Soap predisposes the nipples to chapping/cracking.


A beautiful collection of natural wound healing herbal ingredients to reduce swelling, accelerate the healing of wounds from childbirth. An excellent relief for hemorrihoids. The organic herbs, salts and oatmeal combination is often used as a poultice heated or refrigerataed and placed on the skin to treat aching, inflammed and painful areas. 200gm

Fill the included muslin bag full of the bath tea, steep, and then place directly on your tender areas either warm or refrigerated. Or add to warm bath to enable you to feel better and sit more comfortably. 200ml/7fl.oz

Your little rescue bags


The ultimate solution for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy.

This rich blend of natural oil formula, penetrates deep into the skin layers, maintaining the skin's moisture and elasticity during the growth phase, dramatically reducing the chances of stretch marks. It’s perfect as a bath oil. 200ml/7fl.oz

The delicate natural aroma will not exacerbate morning sickness.

"I used this beautiful oil when pregnant, no stretch marks, Thanks, mumma-licious" 

Mia Paterson - Balgowlah - NSW



A great solution for working and travelling mums when you just have a quick minute, but want to help prevent stretch marks and maintain skin’s elasticity on a consistent basis. This rich cocktail of natural plant butters deter stretch marks whilst penetrating deep into the skin layers, maintaining skin moisture and elasticity. The delicate mix of essential oils are safe during pregnancy, stimulate the regeneration of new cells, promoting skin rejuvenation. The natural perfume will not exacerbate morning sickness. Apply after bathing. 100gm/ 3.53oz

For the busy mum on the run ...


Healing balm is formulated with natural ingredients, rich in Vitamin E – nature’s renowned wonder-healer and Dimethicone. The two together create a shield to protect scars and encourage their healing. Contains all nutrients necessary for proper cell regeneration and wound repair. Formulated especially for cesarean section and other surgical wounds from cosmetic surgery, old c-section scars and stretch marks, inflamed rashes and burns.

Dimethicone is a form of silicon which is used by Doctors to reduce the appearance and intensity of scars – with tremendous success. Use after scar has completely healed. 50g/1.7fl.oz 

Scars take approximately 2 years to heal


This high-foaming formula is infused with our unique essential oil blend, safe for mum to be. 

Calming aroma that is sure to bring you a sense of peace and tranquility that can only be found when we rediscover our inner beauty.

Can also be used as a wash and is PH balanced suiting even the most sensitive of pregnant skins. 200ml/7fl.oz

Immerse yourself in loads of bubbles and cast your mind adrift ...

"So gentle and smells gorgeous. Really helped me relax and unwind after a tiring day"

Laura S - Hunters Hill - NSW


Pregnancy is a special time but for some mum’s to be and upset tummy can be disturbing.

Wouldn't it be nice if there is something to make childbirth a little easier? This tonic contains a blend of organic herbs and plant extracts all hand selected to help you first thing in the morning or throughout the day when needed. 60g/2.11oz

" Wellness Tea saved my day, when I was feeling yuk I would reach for the tea pot for relief to make it through."

B. Rose -Woronora. NSW